Maison Tamboite claims to be a custom-made bicycle manufacturer with an affirmed Parisian spirit, offering an infinite palette of customization possibilities. Everyone can compose their own unique bicycle from a model of the collection, as an affirmation of one’s self, always chic and elegant. Demonstration in images and in a few clicks.

We confuse too often the notions of “custom-made” and “personalization”. At Maison Tamboite, we perform each diligently. They complete and reinforce each other, letting the latter be firmly established by an exclusive made-to-order process in its Parisian workshop.  

“Custom-made” concerns all of the steps included in the production of the frame according to the dimensions collected from the client’s measurements and his ergonomic preferences taken into account (see the article about “custom-made”). 

“Personalization” gathers the entirety of the available possibilities of the future pilot to dress his bicycle to fit his own identity, and to offer him a contrasting personality from the initial affirmed identity given to the chosen model in the collection. One model, never with two similar visions becomes a unique creation. 

The first choice in this list concerns the mode of drivetrain: single speed, automatic 2-speed, electronic 11-speeds, or hybrid electric drive system. It processes widely the type of usage and functionality that we envision and represents a natural pathway between made-to-measure and personalization, a kind of “doubled” customization.


In single-speed, one relies solely on the velocity of its legs and this minimalist mechanism can justify these aesthetic choices in all discretion, or as opposed to. Furthermore, electrical assistance privileges aim for a serene effort, where it is possible to balance this moderation by selecting an assertive combination of colors, or on the contrary to supplement it with an aesthetic promoting exemplary quality.

The game of color combination

These choices in terms of aesthetics and tints concern three big groups of matter which distinguish Maison Tamboite’s bicycles. The color of the steel frame’s enamel, the origin, and then the leather tints which embellish the saddles and coats the stem and cables, lastly, the wood tint from which are made the mudguards, some rims and the tray-box which is specific to the porteur models. Three materials for an infinite amount of combinations and possibilities. Even if one’s heart falls intuitively for a particular color range, the temptation to try out different compositions becomes a game of curiosity. 

No less than 20 colors of enamel are offered in Maison Tamboite’s color chart. Researched and thought-through colors, which always possess a slight twist, whether shiny and metallic or matte which reflect and relate to the world of fashion and design just as much as the bikes. To be given such an infinite selection and a variety translates itself to the luxury of total personalization as proposed to the client.

The range of leathers gives just as much freedom of 

expression due to the existing abundant choices. The saddle benefits as much from aesthetics as comfort choices, with the nature of the leather subject to recommendations made depending on the place of the bicycle’s future stay.

Certain leathers, for example, sustain less tropical humidity than others… Still leaving a vast selection in the range of tints, which will give the shine of fresh leather or clarity of an existing patina. It is only to simplify the illustration that four existing polishes are revealed, but everyone knows that each craft-made production is an eternal new beginning which will always be unique and slightly different from the one before. A “wasi sabi” approach which asserts imperfect exercise of reproduction of the handmade item.

Leather and wood: a personalization… custom-made

The woods harmonize the final composition. The various choice of turpentines is determined by the different constituting parts of the bike where wood is the reigning matter. The mudguards of the Henri or the Dalou, just like the rims of the Marcel or the Fauve are in beech, curved, in slats, which are reinforced by an invisible carbon fiber layer.

Three principle tints already permit to play and to give the wheels peculiar character, from natural to dark gold, but the variations can be numerous at the risk of getting lost in such a multitude of choices. Regarding the tray-box on the front of the Henri or Dalou, it is conceived of numerous pleats that are adorned with tinted birch made for aviation, which according to the previously chosen elements are then sealed by a special varnish to resist critical weather. 

Tamboite bicycles are definitely “beauties” that can be accommodated as decor for an entrance or a living room although conceived first to serve outside in the fresh air. 

Easily perceived, combining all of these tints to render a perfectly harmonious and assertive creation is just as much a game as it is an art. All the more as the endless possibilities of personalization extend even further all the way to the finishing details which will leave a minor visual impression but fall right into place with the overall identity of this tailored bicycle. 

To all who would like to engage in this personalization game, we usually recommend that you come and meet us in our Parisian workshop, rue Saint-Nicolas. Nothing replaces the visual and tangible pleasure of testing the different models before engaging in this experience. Especially, nothing replaces the pleasure of an encounter and exchange during such an occasion.

Sadly, the situation forces a conventional exchange to be guarded by the discipline of the safety measures, and the visits may currently remain difficult to organize. 

This is why we have developed in the last weeks some graphic tools that will allow us to simulate meticulously each respective model, with, for each, a different combination of equipment, matters, and tints that will make your bicycle a truly unique object.

Although it is not yet our online configurator to which we can grant free access to, it is still a solution that initially allows all who wishes to be satisfied without moving, to start forecasting through a configuration exercise.

A simple email ( or a call (+33. (0) is hence worth sufficient.

So, as always, we remain at your disposal.

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