A century of exclusive French bicycles handcrafted in the elegant artistic heart of Paris.

Building bicycles the way sculptures are made, symbols of freedom.

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Today just as in 1912, our luxury bicycles pay tribute to the passion and expertise of French craftsmen and a certain artistic flair, dedicated to urban mobility and Parisian elegance.

At Maison TAMBOITE Paris, our custom-made bicycles are above all, works of arts.

Custom made

Like a tailored suit or shoe, a bicycle is the extension of the owner’s body. It must embrace his morphology without restricting it.

A bicycle perfectly adapted to a specific morphology and cycling style

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Our search for perfection in constructing our bicycles also guides the choices we make in selecting our materials, components and embedded technology.

Private world

A confidential universe.

Discovering Maison Tamboite Paris is also gaining access to our collections, and the hidden charm of a truly Parisian universe; exclusive and intentionally confidential.

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An address in the heart of Paris.