Tamboite powered by Zehus: the augmented bike

At first, and this is the first surprise, what you see is a bicycle; a nice bike, yes, but a bike; classical, or almost since you immediately perceive what makes it a Haute couture Maison Tamboite Paris: sleek lines, narrow and elegant tubes, an unusual enamel and a set of chromed pieces that immediately bring the seductive glow that makes it a distinctive piece.

And then, you notice in place of the rear hub a nice roundness, skillfully hidden under the chrome.

It is the engine and it is the battery. In one single piece, contained, accomplished, beautiful and functional. An innovation signed by Zehus that preserves all the character of a beautiful bike, enhancing it with the modernity of the electric assistance.

Words are important here. The newcomer to the cycling world, the e-bike ( or EAB for Electricaly Assisted Bike) reports the highest growth, gaining acceptance or seducing again a crowd of neo-cyclists, wairy former ones or people who, until recently, would not even have imagined riding a bike to go around… And it’s a great thing. EAB works miracles, or at least promises. The bike becomes effortless. From the firts push on the pedal one runs at high speed, propelled by the engine …

This reality has contributed to the emergence of a new terminology in the form of duality: the bike of always has become a “muscle bike”, the EAB has contracted into an “e-bike”. Muscles versus electricity. Human engine versus electric engine. Does this semantic shift indicate that the electric assistance has such an influence that it leads to deny the importance of the cyclist ? Conversely, is it right to reduce a bicycle to a vehicle with “muscular” propulsion ?

It is enough for everyone to delve into their personal memory to recognize that the bike we learned to practice has never been associated, if only during the first experiments, to the “muscular” but to other thrilling 

dimensions: the quest for balance, a first sense of speed, an appropriation of space in fluidity, the full feeling of freedom, the first expression of autonomy. .. 

And then, with practice and with time, new skills have been acquired (remember managing to release the handlebars, both hands! A real achievement!), the thrill of descents, the off road adventure, the unique practicality in the city, the conviviality of outings in group, the stimulation of the competition, the sense of journey as distances increase, not to foget the effort, specially during mountain excursions, the effort of the whole body, muscles and breath in harmony, and the taste for it, well…. sometimes. 

Yes, the bicycle is all that at once, and that’s where the magic lies.

The philosophy of Maison Tamboite is to preserve it totally. 

Better, to equip the bicycles of its collection of an additional quality with the choice of the electric option to make it enhanced bikes, with all the qualities expected of a bicycle, only better.

No surprise then to find that a Henri or an electricaly assisted Dalou have a hybrid character and are virtiualy identical to their congeners without assistance. For each of them everything starts with the frame, made of light steel and combining comfort and performance. It is completed by a pair of wheels that bring their efficiency in the ease of riding and the way it filters road vibrations.

The dynamism of Tamboite bicycles lies within these first essential elements.

The brakes, saddle, handlebar, selected and made with the greatest care, complement this quest for efficiency. And then, centerpiece of the hybrid version, the Zehus+ battery-engine block brings its resolutely innovative dimension, integrated in the hub of the rear wheel. Imagine in the end an attractive bike with refined beauty and discreet electric assistance, ready to start with a light weight of 15 kg.

A real invitation to the pleasure of riding.

Then begins a new cycling experience.

You ride your bike and it anticipates your plea. It is your impulse that propels you, but your hybrid Tamboite bike helps you exactly as and when needed, according to your desire for acceleration on the flat, or to your wish to receive a frank “thrust” when the roadway becomes painfully hilly. You remain a cyclist, with the sensations of always, feeling at one with your bicycle which, as moved by an intuitive understanding, amplifies your effort automatically, without any new prompt.

A sensor records the energy of your pedaling and triggers the power of the electrical assistance accordingly.

At startup, to get in motion, you press rather strongly. You feel the assistance kick in, it makes your life easier. Once launched, you move at your cruising speed by turning your legs quietly, a little easier than usual. The assitance keeps a close eye on everything but knows how to be discreet. Need to accelerate? in parallel with your legs the engine kicks in again ..

All your journey proceeds so, in the pleasure and with the magic of the Zehus on top of it.

You can stay focused on your route and on the traffic, and also enjoy your surroundings out of the corner of your eye. No need to worry about a gear change or a variation of assistance. Your hybrid Tamboite supports you. In the very spirit of a bespoke bike, you have determined the level of support with which you want to evolve. The application on your smartphone allows you to choose between 7 different levels.

Depending on your choice, you will gradually be helped on the flat portions, the Zehus+ engine can in any case support you up to 250 W to face the steepest roads.

You ride serenely and potentially for a long time: between 55 and 90 km depending on the level of assistance selected, not counting the recharge that you will generate each time you’ll ride downhill or choose to moderate your speed with a light back pedalling.

A way to enjoy the journey and to combine the pleasant and the effective.

Riding, pedaling, looking around, feeling the caress of the air, enjoying the world and going towards ones destination in the greatest freedom, without ever the notion of effort dominating.

Isn’t it how we discovered happiness on a bike?

Well….It’s up to you to rediscover it

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