Maison Tamboite has always been a manufacturer of custom-made bicycles. A feature that today, reveals a consecrated choice and a general philosophy that goes far beyond the capacity of simple measurement taking. Substantial steps to achieve total delight.

Numbers are the perceivable aspect of bespoke, one which is easily expressed and apprehended for the production of a bicycle just as in other fields. Waist, inseam, and foot size are converted here into the length of tubes and angle degrees, where elsewhere, they would be translated into shoulder-length or sleeve length. To which, a centimeter can be added thus permitting a jacket or shirt to hang well all the way to the wrist, without the body structure being disproportionate, giving a continuous silhouette. A millimeter of precision which in the end can be visible or on the contrary, be hidden except by the alert eye, as everything falls right into place. 

Conceptualizing and producing a custom-made bicycle at Maison Tamboite enlists itself to this “tailored” setting, reproducing its approach. The client will proceed to stand under a height gauge and physically contribute to a full set of measurements.

velo sur-mesure prise de mesures
velo sur-mesure prise de mesure

Beyond the barefooted height, no less than 12 measures will be taken in order to flawlessly determine the physical structure of the client. Consequently, the different dimensions of each section are recorded to define the position of the body on the cycle, according to its three points of support (saddle, handlebars, and pedals). These measurements concern arm length, the length of the forearm elongated to a hand closed on a virtual handlebar, the width of the shoulders, the height of the bust, the inseam, size of the thigh bone, and shoe size… paying attention to separately lifting the right and left side, as perfect symmetry is rare.

A bicycle perfectly dedicated to its owner

But when it comes to bicycles, just as in terms of sewing, millimetric rigorousness of the measurements does not suffice to manufacture the perfect bespoke bike. It is in the next stage that science becomes an art. Art of observation, listening, then interpreting. A step that enables all the in-house skills and expertise to intervene, taking into account the manner in which the client wishes to use his cycle, to precisely adjust the fit and attitude upon receipt, once he straddles it. From the measurements, we then go on to preferences, habits, and peculiar aptitudes which need to be understood and interpreted, as they can be difficult to express. We can be both young and dynamic yet still prefer to ride with a straight torso and a confident gaze, in an overall relaxed manner.

Preferentially, we can have the habit of riding sports style, hands low on the handlebar, looking to feel on our urban bespoke bicycle the same type of implication in a more inclined position towards the front, in a sleeker way. After all, the desire of a stroll, and of a place of leisure is not necessarily the same for a triathlete as for the majority of urban cyclists.

Maison Tamboite knows how to listen, understand, and interpret these peculiar tendencies. Being attentive is part of the personalized relationship that Maison Tamboite establishes and pursues with each of its clients, a relationship straight at the core of the “custom-made” approach, which is also a matter of psychology. 

It is only at this condition, by the exchange of experiences and advice, that the bicycle will be perfectly assigned to its owner.

Subsequently, all of the gathered data is integrated into a computer simulation and conception software … referring to the model retained in the collection. As every model has its own identity, it will need to adapt to its owner. For example, Henri proposes a contemporary and relaxed reinterpretation of the traditional Parisian porteur. To this is engaged the straightening of the bust, less focused on the effort required when pushing a load that the newspaper carriers formerly had to. Its frame is shorter and the handlebar is more raised. Contrary to Marcel who pays tribute to track bikes. He resumes the minimalist purity and invites the body to take a more forward inclined position. These orientations linked to the model which are the basis of the initial reference are then amended to the extracted measurements, which the expressed preferences permit to obtain a biomechanical solution that makes all of the difference.

cadre acier à raccord

Simply because maximizing the performance is also minimizing the effort. The same principles that prevail in the conception of custom-made bicycles fit for competition, provide maximum comfort and pleasure to those who seek above all an urban practice and leisure.


Custom-made refined production 

Here is where the invisible begins. From this simulation of results, a detailed framing scheme appears which gives specific angles and each measurement will be given down to the closest millimeter. The figures are the guiding tools and points of reference but do not constitute everything. Talent, expertise, and inspiration from the master framer translate this scheme into tangible reality. The choice of tubes and their thickness, all the way to their cut (speaking of notching), their location on the gauge before being welded by brazing…

The production of the frame is done in a succession of steps that craftsmanship thoroughly respects. The care given to the cut of the frame lugs, for example, is a mission that is comparable to that of a jeweler’s meticulous craft. 

Sanding by hand the welding cords and their slow polish bring the guarantee of flawless rigidness and an astonishingly bright enamel shine. Security and beauty. Reason and emotion. The strict respect of the steel frame data, once the bike is finished, results in a perfect adjustment of the parts, a silent and effortless mechanism with a natural and instinctive grip by its owner. 


Choosing to opt for a custom-made creation by Maison Tamboite then makes perfect sense.

A new story begins, one which is very personal: a pleasure to look at one’s bicycle, as no two cycles are identical, as well as the sensual pleasure of caressing the leather pieces which voluntarily welcome your hands, the fulfillment which is felt once perfectly positioned on one’s bicycle. The time has come to give free rein to the first outing on one’s machine, to live its efficiency and pristine comfort, with a great smile on one’s face during a moment of lust once the stars seem to be aligned.

There is a dimension of the bespoke bicycle by Maison Tamboite which does not fit in the numbers’ category. It overflows significantly and it is what gives it all its value. 

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