You may ask, why ‘Dalou’?

We could tell you about Jules, whose sculptures and personal destiny are so closely linked to the history of Paris.

Why not?

But Dalou is also a simple nickname, sweet, even “kawaii”; it sounds like the cross between a joyful refrain and a surge of love, an affectionate pet name that most certainly designates a very close friend, a constant ally, a confidant, a kindred spirit, perhaps even a lover.

Who knows?

Dalou is also the name of the open-frame bicycle from Maison Tamboite Paris.

A simple name to designate the frame most explicitly dedicated to women (but not exclusively), since frames without a horizontal bar (or “top tube” in cycling parlance) have traditionally been appreciated by women because they can more easily mount and ride the bike wearing a dress or skirt.

It’s a name that indicates a spirit of connivance and intimacy rather than evoking a grand conquest, like some sports models that use the name of a storied mountain pass to better promise the ability to achieve major exploits.

And yet, there’s a conquest inherent in this bicycle…

Dalou is the legitimate heir of a long history that made the bicycle one of the vehicles (literally) of women’s liberation.

Susan B. Anthony, an American champion of women’s rights, declared in 1896, “Bicycling…has done more to emancipate women than anything else in the world…I stand and rejoice every time I see a woman ride by on a wheel.” At the end of the 19th century, with the birth of the modern bicycle (with a chain and inflatable tires…a great improvement on its ancestor, the drasienne, with its wooden cart wheels), women, including those from elegant society, gained autonomy and found a comfortable, accessible way to move freely and thus escape from the male-dominated sphere.


A wind of freedom was blowing, which may have not been to the taste or understanding of all, but these new Amazons opened up a path that would not be obstructed.

Since then, there has been a long road to women’s liberation—fortunately. And Dalou is an extension of this dynamic spirit.

Dalou is an easy-going companion, ready to be easily straddled to ride around the block or across the city.

Freedom to move about is an inherent part of cycling, and Dalou magnifies this through its elegance, light weight, and practicality.

With its light weight (barely 12 kg, all told), it asks for nothing except to set forth. At its prow is a magnificent wooden tray basket ringed with chrome. A small object, like a wallet, a lock, or a camera, can be slipped into its hidden compartment, and the tray can then hold a handbag, backpack, or grocery bag. Dalou is ready to adapt to many different uses.

Dalou is an efficient companion.

Certainly, it has a very practical open frame, but its design is very specific. Its upper tube parallels the lower tube before a sudden “elbow” bend before attaching to the seat tube.

Behind this slightly technical description of what is almost a “mixte” frame lies Dalou’s strength: it is rigid enough to not bend under the force of pedalling. And even when hurrying isn’t the goal, this rigidity guarantees efficiency: all of the energy invested is paid off. Efficient…and delightful!

Built to measure, the bicycle also offers unmatched comfort that lets the kilometres go by without notice, whether in the city or on country roads. When your eyes are focused on the beauty around you, and the ride is painless, it’s easy to forget the distance pedalled.

Dalou is an intimate friend. It says a lot about its owner, whom it understands implicitly. Of course, we could begin by mentioning its graceful and fluid line, whose elegance does not betray its great sturdiness. The bicycle also sports a specific colour scheme that testifies to the personality of its owner.

The colours available for Maison Tamboite frames intentionally reflect the colour combinations of the fashion world. There’s something about confidently making your way on your Dalou, remaining fully yourself: the freedom to combine the soft mobility of a bicycle with authentic self-expression.

Dalou, at last, is also available in a hybrid version, which means it is equipped with discreet electric assistance as an enhanced version of the traditional Dalou.

It’s as easy to ride as ever, but now even more efficient and comfortable, and, since its motor reacts intuitively to the pressure applied to the pedals, combined with the degree of any slope, always highly responsive to the wishes of its owner.

The hybrid Dalou is the ultimate invitation to assert yourself behind the handlebars of your bicycle, an initiation into the pleasure of feeling fulfilled and…liberated.


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